Morning Affirmations

Updated: May 8, 2020

Let's start off the day by thinking positive thoughts and affirmations. We are resilient, adaptable, and will be able to conquer anything that is in our path. Start off by stating your blessings and then proceed with the following affirmations:

I am beautiful I have everything I need to be happy I am enough I am open to abundance I radiate energy I am infinite love My heart is always open to love I attract positive energy I am grateful for this day I am healing energy I am at peace I am strong enough to handle any challenges I encounter I am free I am healthy I am an experience, leaving footprints in people's hearts. I am powerful I welcome positive vibrations I welcome all that heals I allow all that heals in my circle

I pray for what I want and my actions effortlessly follow in order to manifest I am divine feminine energy Beauty comes effortlessly to me Abundance welcomes me with open arms There is a bright future in my path Everything happens for a reason There is depth in my soul, only those who are aligned, I attract I am giving

I give freely I am understanding I am aware of my emotions I am balanced I am just I quickly adapt to my surroundings I am worthy of all the beauty that is in my path I am forgiving I release all that is hurt, from my soul I accept all that is beauty

I love me!

(This is the universe handing you your power! Use it wisely) Have an amazing powerful day my beautiful people!

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