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This book of poems depicts RYP’s young adult life while absorbing the essence of others'. It is a roller coaster of emotions, as this book touches on several entertaining topics such as love, self-worth, forgiveness, resentment, femininity, the life of a Latina in the United States, among many other topics. Each book that is sold, a percentage of the profits will be donated to a nonprofit that provides mental health services and advocacy.

Artistic Cultivation

Growing up in NYC with a passion for the arts, RYP kept a journal full of poetry and paintings. This is how the book "A Convolution of Emotions" came about. Having difficulties in expressing herself she turned to writing, where it gave her time to process and articulate her thoughts and emotions. She was raised in a low-income community where she realized there was a lack of resources, the crime rate was high, and many residents along with family members suffered from substance abuse. Knowing these factors she is motivated to make a difference by partnering up with a nonprofit (name will be disclosed soon) organization that focuses on providing mental health services and mental health advocacy.

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In this past decade, there were amazing
A Convolution of Emotions
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